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This Lent is different from last Lent for many of us. Last year, we were challenged to give something up for Lent. This time why not accept a challenge to take something up instead? We've all given up lots this year, so I'm suggesting you join me in Anthony Gormley's challenge to create something to cheer up our front gardens across Britain.

On Thursday's One Show, Anthony Gormley, who created the Angel of the North sculpture, launched the challenge. Paint, construct, sculpt something to brighten up your street. Stick it in the window or your garden.

This aboriginal painting of a kangaroo inspired Sir Anthony in this challenge. He has made a clay dog for the exhibition.


Jenny and I have decided to decorate our side gate. Jenny is preparing some artwork and we are going to paint a picture of us paddling at the seaside with Buzz Lightyear (our dog) and flying kites!!!

So I've started preparing the canvas (door) for our masterpiece.

Here's the challenge. Take up your paintbrush, knitting needles or whatever and create an artwork, paint a pebble or flowerpot and take a picture of it and stick it in your window. If you are thinking of painting the front door - better ask your parents first!