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What is Time and Space?


Time and Space at Shiregreen offers accessible therapeutic support for children and adults through play, creative arts and sandplay therapy


Covid 19 and lockdown have challenged everyone in many ways. We are all faced with uncertainty, we do not know what the future will be like and our own sense of identity is an issue too. We have all had to readjust our lives and relationships with family and friends. Children have not been in school and parents not working or working from home. Some will have valued the time to develop skills and spend time with loved ones. For others, issues and tensions have been magnified. For many the financial implications are enormous and shortages of food a daily reality.

Feelings and emotions that have been under the surface have bubbled up and become challenging and affected everyday living. Uncertainty and fear of the future can become overwhelming and even traumatic for adults and children alike.


Why play and creative arts or sandplay therapy, why not just talk about it?

Talking therapies work from the top down, the things we can express in words. In working 

with trauma, a bottom up approach is needed starting with our feelings and experiences

Peter Levine, in Trauma and Memory, states the importance of starting with the sensations we feel in our body.

Carl Jung said “Often, the hands know how to solve a riddle with which the intellect has 

struggled in vain”.


Sometimes there are no words for how we feel, or we just don’t know what the issue is. We don’t know why we feel the way we do. Sand play therapy in particular can help us access those parts of our minds that hold our unconscious memories and feelings. Creating stories or pictures in the sand can help us to express and see things as they are, find healing and new ways forward.

There is much research in neuroscience and other related fields which clearly shows the 

importance of the imagination in coping with trauma and the value of a relationship where each is safe, seen and secure.


QUOTE from an adult client

Jenny held the space for me each week with care and love to enable me to safely explore my situation and what I was feeling about it. I chose objects and played with them in the sand and - with no pressure - simply followed where it led me. Exploring in this playful way enabled me to process what was going on in my life and to choose a new way of looking at things and behaving. It helped me to rewrite my story and was part of the transformation of my life.


What I was doing in the sand was using the stories that I knew to process my life and to imagine new stories - in order to choose the new story that I wanted to be part of. Sand therapy gave me the space and the tools to transform my life 


I had considered having counselling (which has been helpful to me in the past) but I knew that this time the answers were within me … and playing in the sand enabled me to discover them for myself. 



So, what can the Space offer?


A confidential space and time with an experienced play, creative arts and sandplay therapist offering an opportunity to:


  • Reflect and process the events of the last few months

  • Find support and be enabled to find inner resources and healing

  • Find connections that can bring new ways of being and thinking through creativity and imagination.


The therapy offered is non -judgemental, not directive or interpretative just accepting supportive and healing.


See website and particularly the video for a clear presentation of sandplay therapy.


Weekly sessions of 40-45 minutes with a recommendation of a minimum of 6 sessions 

Cost is usually £40 per session but as part of the community outreach of SURC there will be no charge but folk need to take it seriously and commit to coming regularly. So, there will be an intro taster session to see if it is something that they want to commit to and then 24 hour notice of cancellation to avoid session times being wasted. 


There will also be a box for contributions for those who would like to give something towards the project.


The Space has been in use since February 2019 until March when it closed due to the pandemic.

In that period sessions were accessed by 4 children who had 60 sessions between them

Two adults accessed sandplay therapy and had 16 sessions between them



Play therapist (PTUK 20097142)

Member of Association of Sandplay therapists


Portakabin Includes 

Therapeutic space

Waiting room for parents/carers/school staff accompanying children


There is access to a toilet within the church building- signs to it- appropriate sanitiser and signs requesting /wipes to wipe each surface/ tap or handle touched and disposed of in bin provided ...also cleaned regularly after sessions in Space. (If used by a child unaccompanied by a parent – handles etc wiped)


Risk assessment of space and therapeutic activities

Record the name and contact details of all attending the Space as clients or accompanying and waiting for children.

Lone working- there will always be two adults within the grounds, the therapist plus one other.

Temperatures will be taken on arrival- including the therapist – outside the space and no entry or session if there is a high reading. 

Hand sanitiser on entry to the space and also church building for access to toilets

Soap and hot water/ paper towels to wash hands in waiting area

Each client will have a box in which to keep any creations and personal kit 

Wearing masks or flat visor for adults and child, by parental agreement / consent so can still see face, facial expressions which is key to developing the therapeutic relationship.


  • 15 minutes between sessions to allow for cleaning/putting away one set and getting out their resources

  • Small world characters – putting all characters into box when touched to be washed later

  • Sand – own trays and / or sterilized with

  • Puppets/ books- any touched removed/ washed or uv-c lamp

  • Craft materials etc.- limited amount of resources available or set for each client…creations into box stored for next week   e.g currently lots of brushes in tub – just 2-4  

  • Working alongside/ keeping distance/ avoiding physical contact

  • Open windows- if no adult in waiting area leave doors open between rooms if weather permits.


(Pre-Covid photograph)