We are working on some exciting activities and resources for Advent and Christmas, including:

Each Advent Sunday we will light the candles on the Advent Wreath, starting on november 29th - First Sunday in Advent

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Click on this image for a sneak preview of Santa's Workshop

Easy crafts for kids - demonstrated by our chief Elf, Lisa

Santa will be in his workshop every morning with the latest chat from his young friends

Join us for a virtual Christingle and support the work of the Children's Society.

                          Watch the video....

Sunday 20th December, 4.00pm

email: contact@shiregreenurc.org for a Zoom invitation link to join us

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Open a page of our Advent Calendar every day from November 29th - the first Sunday in Advent. But you can't cheat - the windows won't open before the days themselves. bring your own chocolates!
Send a letter to Santa via email (contact@shiregreenurc.org) or post it on our Facebook Page at ShoregreenURC
Chief Elf, Lisa, has been supervising the construction of our own forest at Shiregreen. Elf Michael is a whizz with wood!
You can come along and view it from the 14th December.
We will be opening the gates for casual viewing from
3 to 4.30pm on Mon 14th and Tue 15th and also from 10 - 12 noon on Tuesday 22nd December