True Brits

Thursday, June 25th Morning on Curbar Edge, Derbyshire When did the first Black community settle in Britain? Probably in around 300AD when Roman soldiers from North Africa garrisoned the fort at the western end of Hadrians Wall at Aballava (Burgh-by-Sands) near Carlisle. There can be little doubt that with a degree of interbreeding over the centuries, the blackness was lost in terms of skin colour, but who knows how many Britons are now linked to those early Africans? Eddie Izzard was involved in a series called Mongrel Nation which showed the diversity of heritage which probably affects even those who speak the Queen's English without a hint of accent! I often think that all those so called

Half Full or Half Empty?

Wednesday, June 17th Lockdown has been a time to practice philosophy, or as Pooh would say, 'just sit and think.' Some of us have done a lot of that. I wonder what conclusions we will come to about the time spent social distancing and staying home? Is this a time when our glass is half full or half empty? There is a sense in which it has to be both, for both would be factually true. It would be easy just to focus on what we are missing. Even when we meet up again with family for the first time on a woodland walk and cannot hug our two year old grandchild! It's just not natural! However, there are many things in life where there are probably as many positives as there are negatives - and lock


Wednesday, 10th June There is little doubt that analysis and calls for investigations into who is at fault for the high UK death count will go on long after the end of the pandemic - whenever that may be. There are many who will feel that their loved ones suffered an untimely death and will want some kind of explanation, apology or justice for what seems to be an avoidable catastrophe. What we do not know is whether any other politicians or scientist would have been any more effective in such an unforeseen, once in a lifetime situation. We cannot change what has happened and we need to ask the question, 'how do we move on?' I wonder whether part of the answer to that question lies with our A

Me, a racist!

Confrontation in Cardigan Bay! Thursday, June 4th It would be easy to use this page to join in the debate about the issues of George Floyd's murder and Donald Trump's inflammatory reactions to it. Well, I've done that through shares on Facebook. What I'm musing about at the moment is how racist I am - and what I do about it. It's difficult to shake off images and stereotypes that have surrounded you since birth. I grew up in a community where you were either church or chapel. So I never stepped inside an Anglican or Roman Catholic Church until I was in my late teens. French people smelled and dressed in black because the only ones I saw were the 'Johnny Onion Men' who came over from Britanny

40 is a Good Number

Monday, June 1st Jenny and Buzz on Froggatt Edge So, lockdown is easing from today. I hope it's not too hasty. That said, this is my fortieth blog since a rather uninspiring Daily Devotional drove me to doing this. I hope those of you who have come along with me have found something of interest. I am going to use a Biblical reference to justify calling the daily blog to a close, but I will probably do a midweek musing from now on. Jesus spent forty days isolated in the wilderness in preparation for his ministry. There have been times when some of you may have felt this lockdown has been a wilderness. Others may have seized the opportunity to pick up unfinished projects or learned new skills.

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