Making the Grade

Thursday, August 27th Today sees the much delayed results published for the poor BTech students who have been kept waiting for the powers that be to get their act together. If that isn't bad enough, people are also suggesting that relying on teachers' assessments is devaluing the grades awarded because they are too optimistic and above the average percentages of other years. What nonsense! What has happened is that the people who have the best awareness of what young people are capable of are awarding the grades in place of an impersonal exam board which has only a moment-in-time examination as evidence of a person's ability. I enjoyed exams. They terrified my sister. Luckily, I had the temp


Wednesday, August 19th I have never been tempted to read the Bible from cover to cover. Why would you? Some bits would be good for sending you to sleep. Other bits portray the image of a monstrous God capable of deliberately hardening Pharoah's heart so he can slay the Egyptian first-born. Some Old Testament heroes are devious or tricksy at the expense of innocent family members or bystanders. Then the Bible ends with an apocalyptic fantasy that no film-maker has been tempted to recreate. If that sounds rather harsh, perhaps it is because I'm getting fed up with the URC Daily Devotional choice of Bible passages for reflection. I have always been familiar with the stories of Genesis, Exodus,

You did it to me...

Wednesday, August 12th Four asylum seekers using shovels to paddle across the English Channel It is hard to imagine the desperate situations refugees are fleeing from as someone who has led a relatively safe and sheltered life in the UK. With help from the media I can see how people are driven from their homes by violence or bombing - but I've never felt that degree of fear myself. I have been a solitary white face in a Kenyan township store filled with black faces looking at me - but never felt the constant animosity some suffer because of their skin colour, the way they dress, the faith they hold or the tribe they belong to. I have never had to worry unduly about where my next meal will co


Wednesday, August 5th Two of our After School Club 'rascals' in one of our church trees Our church buildings are set in the heart of the Shiregreen housing estate on the appropriately named Valentine Crescent. For those youngsters living around the church, there are no safe green patches for them to play - except on our large lawn enclosed within our boundary of high hedges and iron gates. Yesterday, Lisa went into the buildings to collect mail and check the premises, She commented on our WhatsApp Group: 'I let a couple of the after school club kids ride down the grass on their bikes while I was checking stuff. They didn’t come into the building. So today I have talked to Lewis, Ryan and Arc

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