Moody Blues

Thursday, September 24th 2020 Bangor Pier I love clouds! Especially the seaside where, along with the sea's tidal flow and the changing direction and strength of the wind, the mood swings can be dramatic from hour to hour. As I am writing this, it is chucking it down - it's what clouds do best. An hour ago, we were looking at a rainbow low in the afternoon sky. Last night, we watched a spectacularly colourful sunset where the clouds were illuminated in glorious reds. Other nights there has been glory in grey. Last night's sunset Like clouds, this pandemic creates mood swings for most of us. The Chancellor has just been outlining the latest plans to support business and employment once the f

Plant Trees!

Saturday, September 12th, 2020 I'm in the process of felling our Eucalyptus tree. We only planted it some ten years ago, but we can now see it waving over the roof when we stand in the back yard. It isn't interfering with the telephone cable nearby, but it is moving the wall you can see just in front of it. You can see the crack line level with the concrete step. When I put a ladder there and started to take down the first branch, the wall swayed back and forth - so the wall has gone already. We'll put a hedge where the wall was and give the birch tree behind it a bit more room. Although I can recycle the tree into a few bowls and other creations, I don't like destroying trees, but we have g

The Price of Peace

Saturday, September 5th Pieta Christ Last weekend Jenny and I went to Greenbelt. Well, online, anyway. It's one of the reasons I'm late with this blog as we ended up at our caravan and got sidetracked with visiting old colleagues in the area (North Wales). One of the online discussions at Greenbelt had "Black Lives Matter" as its subject and involved Poet, Lemn Sissay, Author and broadcaster, Emma Dabiri, Priest and writer, Azariah France-Williams, and Christian Aid CEO, Amanda Khozi Mukwashi. A comment by Azariah France-Williams has stayed with me all week.He reflected on a saying his great grandmother used to repeat to his mother: 'I give up my rights for peace.' He commented that for the

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