Caught in the bubbles

Friday, May 1st

I enjoy cooking - especially savoury dishes like curries. Jenny does most of the baking, date and walnut scones a speciality. I'm not so keen on washing up, but Jenny loves it. That's good!

I believe in letting sleeping dust lie. Jenny doesn't.

I'm happy messing about in the garden or garage, but household chores don't grab me. We can't all be good at everything, can we? Jesus met sisters who were chalk and cheese. Mary was the dreamer. Martha was the practical one who did things around the house. On one social call, Martha complained that Mary was so busy chatting with Jesus that she had all the work to do. I think Jesus was a bit hard on Martha in suggesting that Mary was doing what was more important at the time - conversing with her guest. Surely somebody had to get dinner on!

Are you the one who is always tied to the kitchen sink? Or are you the one who is always looking out of the window. If you're into housework, here's a poem for you. If you prefer to look out of the window, below is a view I'd love to see from my window.

God of Washing

God of washing, God of unmade beds,

God of dented saucepans and worn-out brooms,

your presence in the most ordinary things

often takes me by surprise.

I listen to the morning news

and think of your presence

at a United Nations' peace conference,

at the launching of a space probe,

or in the development of a vaccine,

or the discovery of a new planet.

Then I look down and see you

winking in bubbles of detergent.

God of washing,

God of stains and missing buttons,

wherever else you might be,

you are right here with me,

defrosting and cleaning the freezer,

picking up bits of plastic toys

from the living room floor,

and each time you nudge my heart

with the warmth of your presence,

recognition leaps like a song.

I know it! Oh, I know it!

God of washing,

God of vacuum cleaner bags'

God of sparrows, lilies and mustard seeds,

my house is your tabernacle.

Joy Cowler from Psalms Down-Under (Catholic Supplies [NZ] Ltd)


Mother, father God,

If we are the type who likes to find you on the mountain top,

help us to discover you in the nurse, the cleaner, the bin collector,

in the everyday business of domestic life.

If we are the 'down to earth' type who sees you all around us

every day,

help us to find you in the trees and fields, hills and valleys

where birds sing and flowers bloom.

And today, surprise us in the humdrum of lockdown.


Wath on Dearne

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