Home or Away?

Thursday 23rd April

Gwen, a friend of mine, is off on a visit to one of her favourite places - in her imagination.

So, I'm doing the same and taking you to the beach near our static caravan in North Wales.

In the top right distance is the triple-peaked mountain called Yr Eifl, though it's better known on scouting circles as The Rivals. Three, three, the rivals is a line in a campfire song.

The thrift in the foreground will be out now, but I took this picture last year.

It reminds me that the journalist Frank Gardner read a poem yesterday which reflected that regardless of our human lockdown, Spring will bloom regardless as the seasons continue their relentless cycle - with or without us.

Jesus once observed that the flowers in the fields did not work or worry, yet they blossomed in unrivalled splendour (Matthew Chapter 6, verse 28). At a time when we all worry about the future, maybe we need to consider the growth all around us and recognise what we should be concerned about and, for the rest, let it happen. There are some things worrying cannot change.


Mother, Father God,

I offer to you all those I worry about at this time. Hold them in your everlasting arms.

Help me to find your peace within the noise of this epidemic.

Give me the assurance that like the seasons, hope will spring eternal and we shall one day experience a new normal.


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