One Man's Treasure

Every Picture Tells a Story - or makes a connection...

In the sand dunes at Newborough, Anglesey

This 'installation' was constructed from all the debris washed up on the shore - wood, fishing net, crates etc. I thought it was a great way of sorting some of the unsightly litter around this beauty spot and making it into something creative and interesting. Llanddwyn Island is in the near distance and the Lleyn Peninsula beyond.

It reminds me of a memorable visit to a permanent collection of Picasso's work in the Musée Picasso at the Hôtel de Salé in Paris. Several of his sculpture pieces were created out of 'junk' he arranged into fascinating works of art.

Old handlebars and saddle or bull's head?

It reminds me that 'one man's trash is another man's treasure'. It all depends how you look at things. A popular pastime at After School Club is junk modelling. How often have children found as much amusement and creativity in playing with the cardboard boxes their presents come in as in the presents themselves?

Stacey installed as a monster!

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