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Friday, October 23rd, 2020

Cuillins under cloud - from Elgol, Skye

Rocks vary so much in colour, texture, shape. I found this honeycomb surface in the rock at Elgol so fascinating. Living in Sheffield, we are nearest to the Dark Peak which gets its name from the colour of the gritstone prevalent in the northernmost part of the Peak District. It is a walk back in time to walk under Stanage Edge and see the millstones left half-formed as progress abandoned their use in cutlery processes. It's as though somebody came along and shouted, 'stop work now!'

I'm no geologist, but looking at the shapes of rock formations which have either been created by volcanic action, earth movements, glacial scraping of just weathering makes me wonder how creationists can still exist. They should surely be extinct by now!

Anglesey has a geological trail which includes at least ten rock walks. Llanddwyn Island with its green and red rocks is a favourite of mine. But I also love the formations and colours of the cliffs just south of Cape Wrath where the shapes and hues are breathtaking.

Couldn't bring home this stick of rock!

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