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Saturday, October 24th, 2020

On the Rhudd Ddu Path with the Ranger Path and Llyn Cwellyn in the middle distance, the coast south of Carnarfon beyond.

I love maps. Always have. My daughters don't get it. If, like me, you like to pour over an OS map, you will be able to see exactly where I am standing in this photograph by referring to the grid reference conveniently attached to the gate post. If I'm feeling lazy, I could just open the Ordnance Survey App on my phone and press the symbol which will take me to the spot on the map of Britain where I am in a split second. But that's no use if you don't do maps.

It strikes me that we are all using different ways to work out where we are in our life journey in the same way we use a variety of methods to get to our terrestrial destination. Many of us will now use Satnav to guide us when we sit behind a wheel and set off on a new trip. Apps like Google Maps can even be used if you are walking and can be very useful if you are looking for a street on the Shiregreen Estate where our church building sits in the middle of a maze.

On a path under Kinder Scout in Edale

Some people rely on signposts and way markers when out in the countryside.. That's OK as long as nobody has twisted a sign or they suddenly disappear from view. Other people make use of a compass to orientate themselves and decide which direction to proceed in. Alternatively, you could employ a guide to accompany you - who may just be one of your group who has travelled that way before.

Just left Grindleford Station Café and heading up the Gorge towards the National Trust Café at Longshaw!

Thinking of all the different ways of finding our way suggests all sorts of sermon analogies. But I resist - and you must be glad of that. Instead, I'll leave you with a picture of another option for getting to your destination: public transport.

The Push me-Pull you engine on the Festiniog Railway. OK if you don't know which way to go!

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